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Party and LJ Meetups

The party at my house was fun... though only 2 LJ people were there, myself and mandapandabear. Four friends I knew from local karaoke bars were also here, so the six of us had a fun night of singing!

I went to the Torrance-Long Beach LJ Meetup, since 3 people had RSVP'd and somehow they didn't cancel it (I think maybe 4 people signed up, then 1 probably canceled at the last minute). Well the two other people who RSVP'd didn't show up, so it was a meetup of one... until I was getting ready to leave, and I saw 3 people hanging out front. I asked them if they were here for the livejournal meetup, and one of them said, oh, I didn't know there was a livejournal meetup! I asked him, you are on livejournal? He said yes, his LJ name is diabolus13 and he hadn't gotten any notice about a meetup... I told him it wasn't an official LJ thing, there is a separate site called meetup.com that organizes these things, and people generally find out about it through word of mouth, or reading it on other people's LJ's. I invited him to come to the OC meetup, but I don't think his friends were too interested in that so he stayed, but he said he might come to future events now that he knows about it...

Anyway, I finally showed up at the OC Meetup, and met up with mandapandabear, karanlikmelek, idealism, tswanson, tenbones, schoep, mrcontrarian, dipster, skywalker404, liesalllies, textivore, in_quinecorners, gyesika, babysmyles, caminatr, yurmother. It was a fun evening of conversation, food/ice cube fights, and watching certain people get quite drunk. babysmyles, yurmother, caminatr, and myself pretty much shut the place down, and in fact were there well beyond closing trying to locate caminatr's card wallet, which apparently got cleaned up and unnoticed by staff and was promptly lost forever. :( Sorry dude... I swore I thought I saw that yurmother had it, or I would have reminded you earlier...

Anyway, I had a good time and I hope to see most of you at future events
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