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The week in review...

Last Tuesday, I went to the LJ Meetup at Dave & Busters in Orange County. It was quite a gathering of people there, including poetpaladin, ohsofierce, babysmyles, miss_geek, imzadi, cixel, misskris, hyphen8d, liesalllies, aubreycolors, dipster, tenbones, mrcontrarian, schoep, tswanson, garthnak, to0n, suicideking4766, skywalker404, kameleon, and mandapandabear way at the other end of the table. runsamuck and senoritafish were also there with their three kids at a separate table, and they left early. By the way, ohsofierce, *I* didn't think you were a complete dork! :)

Wednesday and Thursday was more of helping Kayla move into her new apartment. We had some help from a friend with an SUV, so we could move some of the larger stuff. She also took Halon, the youngest of her Dalmatians. Fahrenheit and Celsius are still here. I'm gonna miss those dogs.

Friday night was karaoke at the Boulevard with wild_magnolia, alicenwndrln, chappell, meredithwc, amythyst, mr_dark, littlesunshine, shazam, jaso1975, and teaa. I also met the gorgeous faeriewitch and her lovely friend tanaturtle for the first time that night. Mostly we sang the same things that were sung last time at the same place. People were begging me to sing One Week during a seemingly endless stream of slow ballads.

Saturday evening we headed to Joe's Crab Shack. In attendance were alicenwndrln and her friends Maranda and Alicia, chappell, meredithwc, wild_magnolia, shazam, flirtini, poetpaladin, macdhomhnuill, and berthabug and her boyfriend. The hostess at Joe's told us that we needed a reservation because we had more than 10 people in the group, but they wouldn't give a reservation when alicenwndrn called earlier. They finally sat us, but told us we had a time limit, that we had to be done by 6:30. Well it was getting close to 6:00 and we still hadn't gotten our food yet, so Maranda gave 'em hell. They finally told us we could take our time, and would seat the next large party elsewhere. amythyst and mr_dark came later on.

Sunday night was XXX movie night for me. No, I didn't stay home and watch porn movies, I went out with a friend and saw the action movie with Vin Diesel. Awesome movie. "I told him that cigarettes would kill him one of these days." LOL
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