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Update of the month... heh

Hey.. I know you guys probably been wondering what's happened to me... Well....

Job situation: STILL trying to find one. One company has been stringing me along with the promise of an offer for two months now... every time it seems close there is always ONE person who is not available to sign something or approve something or whatever... makes me wonder how this company can do business at all, as it seems there are so many people who are so crucial that everything grinds to a halt when they are not around... Meanwhile, another company called me with the possibility of a contract, but they are waiting for budget approval for the project they want me to work on. And yet another company, who I was submitted to back in August, that said they weren't able to hire any new people until mid-October.. well here it is mid-October, and still no word from them. Blah.

Health situation: Sick for most of last week.. fevers, sore throat, stuffed nose, runny nose, gums and mouth hurting, no energy, no appetite. Still recovering somewhat, my nose is still dry and my mouth and gums are still hurting a bit.

Money situation: broke as shit.. income way less than expenses. 'nuff said.

Living situation: I'm still in the same house (the former Kastle Kayla), but have already given notice and will be out by the end of October. Until I have a job and know where I am going to be working and how much rent I can afford, where I am going to be living after that is completely up in the air right now.

Social situation: Made some new friends at local karaoke places... been spending a lot of time with a few of them. At least this is one area in my life that is going well :)

Went to a party at babysmyles' place for her birthday a while back, where poetpaladin and ohsofierce also showed up.

Went to the harrishothouse chili cookoff Saturday held by justj and his mom. Among those there were narrowminded, krizsa, moosifer, coral, poetpaladin, mr_dark, eeyoregrly, izzicam, moejo and his wife, themouse, zippyd, persis, peet808, and audiguy.

Some events are coming up this week that I will try to be at... details to follow.
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