I start work Monday, October 28. It's local, in El Segundo, right next to the airport. And it pays better than my last job!

Now to find a new place to live!
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Upcoming events...

Wednesday, October 16: Karaoke at TJ Charlyz at 1332 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA. From 9 PM or thereabouts until 2 AM. narrowminded, krizsa, justj, izzicam, and moejo have all indicated a possibility of being there.

Friday, October 18: Karaoke at the Boulevard at 3199 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA. From 9 PM or thereabouts until 2 AM. mr_dark, kimberly, freakyme, and possibly littlesunshine will be going.

Saturday, October 19: Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt. alicenwndrln will be Malice in Wonderland. mr_dark, kimberly, and freakyme will be going. I *may* be going... depends on how my financial situation changes between now and then. Tickets are $35 with a Burger King coupon.
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Update of the month... heh

Hey.. I know you guys probably been wondering what's happened to me... Well....

Job situation: STILL trying to find one. One company has been stringing me along with the promise of an offer for two months now... every time it seems close there is always ONE person who is not available to sign something or approve something or whatever... makes me wonder how this company can do business at all, as it seems there are so many people who are so crucial that everything grinds to a halt when they are not around... Meanwhile, another company called me with the possibility of a contract, but they are waiting for budget approval for the project they want me to work on. And yet another company, who I was submitted to back in August, that said they weren't able to hire any new people until mid-October.. well here it is mid-October, and still no word from them. Blah.

Health situation: Sick for most of last week.. fevers, sore throat, stuffed nose, runny nose, gums and mouth hurting, no energy, no appetite. Still recovering somewhat, my nose is still dry and my mouth and gums are still hurting a bit.

Money situation: broke as shit.. income way less than expenses. 'nuff said.

Living situation: I'm still in the same house (the former Kastle Kayla), but have already given notice and will be out by the end of October. Until I have a job and know where I am going to be working and how much rent I can afford, where I am going to be living after that is completely up in the air right now.

Social situation: Made some new friends at local karaoke places... been spending a lot of time with a few of them. At least this is one area in my life that is going well :)

Went to a party at babysmyles' place for her birthday a while back, where poetpaladin and ohsofierce also showed up.

Went to the harrishothouse chili cookoff Saturday held by justj and his mom. Among those there were narrowminded, krizsa, moosifer, coral, poetpaladin, mr_dark, eeyoregrly, izzicam, moejo and his wife, themouse, zippyd, persis, peet808, and audiguy.

Some events are coming up this week that I will try to be at... details to follow.
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Party and LJ Meetups

The party at my house was fun... though only 2 LJ people were there, myself and mandapandabear. Four friends I knew from local karaoke bars were also here, so the six of us had a fun night of singing!

I went to the Torrance-Long Beach LJ Meetup, since 3 people had RSVP'd and somehow they didn't cancel it (I think maybe 4 people signed up, then 1 probably canceled at the last minute). Well the two other people who RSVP'd didn't show up, so it was a meetup of one... until I was getting ready to leave, and I saw 3 people hanging out front. I asked them if they were here for the livejournal meetup, and one of them said, oh, I didn't know there was a livejournal meetup! I asked him, you are on livejournal? He said yes, his LJ name is diabolus13 and he hadn't gotten any notice about a meetup... I told him it wasn't an official LJ thing, there is a separate site called that organizes these things, and people generally find out about it through word of mouth, or reading it on other people's LJ's. I invited him to come to the OC meetup, but I don't think his friends were too interested in that so he stayed, but he said he might come to future events now that he knows about it...

Anyway, I finally showed up at the OC Meetup, and met up with mandapandabear, karanlikmelek, idealism, tswanson, tenbones, schoep, mrcontrarian, dipster, skywalker404, liesalllies, textivore, in_quinecorners, gyesika, babysmyles, caminatr, yurmother. It was a fun evening of conversation, food/ice cube fights, and watching certain people get quite drunk. babysmyles, yurmother, caminatr, and myself pretty much shut the place down, and in fact were there well beyond closing trying to locate caminatr's card wallet, which apparently got cleaned up and unnoticed by staff and was promptly lost forever. :( Sorry dude... I swore I thought I saw that yurmother had it, or I would have reminded you earlier...

Anyway, I had a good time and I hope to see most of you at future events
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Party at my house!

When: Saturday, September 21, starting around 7 pm-ish, ending ?

Where: My house!

What to bring: your own booze, food if you're hungry, or money to
order food with... and a sense of fun!

What are we doing: Just whatever friends do when they get
together! e.g. talk, play games, watch movies, or sing karaoke (I
have a karaoke machine!)

How to get there: E-mail me ( for directions if you don't know where my house is!
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Thinking of having a get-together at my house...

I'm thinking of having a get-together at my house next Saturday, the 21st. No special occasion, I just miss the parties we used to have here and thought it would be nice to have another one. It will be bring your own everything.... but i'll provide the karaoke machine, *some* alcohol and a place for a few people to crash if needed. If you're interested, let me know with a comment here! Oh, and if I'm conflicting with some other LJ event I'm not aware of (I haven't really been keeping up with LJ very well lately...) let me know and I'll reschedule.
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LJ Meetup

Orange County, CA

The LJ Meetup in my local area (Long Beach-Torrance, CA) has been canceled due to lack of interest, so I'll be going to the Orange County Meetup tonight at 8 pm at Dave and Busters at the Block of Orange, at the junction of the I-5 and 22 freeways in Orange. 17 people have already RSVP'd for that one, and all four of us who attended the Long Beach-Torrance Meetup last month ended up going to the Orange County one and we had a great time.

Anyone is welcome to come and join us! Look forward to seeing you there!
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